Good life awaits,

Not beyond the blue sky,

Near a secret place,

Where I could shelter

With in the hands of

Eternal love….




Source: The Colour of Love


You left me to die That lonesome night And I desperately tried Clinging on to sleep That was all I had When you abandoned me On a lonely night. The pillows did not Let me sleep Reminded me of you H…

Source: The Colour of Love

Intrusively I strolled down, my eyes wide open,to fathom the secrets of my mere existence(A big?). Astir streets,insane minds, ardently advertised the conspiracies in the name of  a “G…

Source: A big ?


I adore creativity both in love and lust;

Life and creation  are intimately connected.

Many lovers have expressed their love

and talent through a creative display,

sometimes to embarrassing results!

It is the relationship between

Human being and the myteries

Loving inspirations through out

a period of moody moments




Star Cluster:a drop of myself

Her wrinkled hands touched

the rusted strings of an old

guitar,slivered chords rumbled

creating unsung melodies.

A graveyard bloomed in festivity,

daffodils carpeted the ground,

as lusty turf  greedily awaited

to replay the games of bodies.

In denial  spirits gazed in despair,

as the illusion of breasts unable

to allure them to impregnate the

seedlings into her ailing womb…

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By Maya Dev Two poems.

Source: Two Poems

Good write, my applause,wish to translate this poem to my mother tongue, Malayalam, seeking your permission to reblog Regards Williamsji Maveli

Star Cluster:a drop of myself

Cocoons of lame minds

brooding invariably,in

this fragmentary world

of you and me,I saw them

alive amid the bubbles

of pulsating sanctuaries.

Deep sighs averted them

from suffocating within

the wrap of covetous emotions.

Blazing eyes  endured  the swaddled

to peddle into portions of Kismet.

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